ITALY - Rome Declaration: EU and Africa for cooperation on migration

A new migration policy and greater cooperation between countries of origin and host countries to create opportunities and sustainable development. These are the aims of the Rome Declaration, signed recently by representatives of the European Union and 28 African States, at the Fourth Ministerial Euro-African Conference. Elvira Ragosta was there for us:


To ensure international protection to migrants, with particular attention to women and children, and to coordinate foreign and internal policies in Europe and Africa in cooperation and security areas. It bears the signature of the European Union, 28 African countries, Norway and Switzerland. The Declaration was signed recently in Rome, as part of the regional euro Mediterranean "Project of Rabat" a dialogue that has been dealing with migration policies for the last eight years. Satisfied Abdoullaye Diallo, Minister of the Interior of Senegal, who urged specific programs in countries of origin and stressed the importance of exchanging information between the States:

The migrant has rights that must be safeguarded and that are sacred. The human rights must be respected. We all agree on the fact that the migration is a worldwide phenomenon, but mostly it is something that can bring particular benefit, if it is well managed. It must be well managed at the origin, to prevent the departure of young people and women, that is, of those who are called to develop their countries. But you have to manage migration, also in countries that welcome them because, if they are not well prepared, a kind of invasion could occur, instead of providing benefits. And that's why we think we need to have a good approach. Do not forget that Senegal is a large country of immigration, because we have more than three million foreigners. "


The Moroccan Minister of abroad residents, Anis Birrou, reminding the importance of creating a climate of acceptance and cultural exchange in the societies of the countries that welcome migrants said:


“Morocco has already started a new migration policy, based primarily on human rights and the human dimension. It is a policy that provides the regularization of thousands of people and a program of integration, education and school support to the children of immigrants, with more than 80 projects that we have identified and that we are going to implement "

Cooperation will be also linked to security and the fight against irregular migration, "as we are already doing in Maghreb - said the European Commissioner, Dimitri Avramodopoulos - where we assist border authorities against trafficking."

SOURCE: radiovaticana