World Nutrition Day- Right to food

Today, 16 October, in occasion of the World Nutrition Day, all over the World initiatives have been brought about for the understanding of this topic which unites everyone on this planet. As an example Good Day World participated to the 6th edition of Kuminda, the Right-to-food Festival organized in Parma, Italy by the net Cibopertutti (foodforall). Kuminda is the world used by the children of the Antilles to refer to food.

A guided journey through the Countries of the World based on the production and consumption of food, displayed by stands, shows, exhibitions, workshops and caterings.

For whoever of you has ever wondered what’s the story behind a wrapped up jelly roll, or what do we have to do with the exploitation of resources in the south of the world, it suffices to give a glance at the global data: 1 billion out of 7 billion people is struck by malnutrition and hunger, In a world which production of food would be enaugh to feed 10 billion people. Undernourishment is a “crime against humanity” perpetrated by part of it, while 1 billion of us is affected by obesity.

Democracies have forgotten to include in their daily agenda the voice of democracy of resources belonging to every people, while worldwide resources are lost in the automatic mechanisms of “I pollute then depollute”, “I buy then throw away”, I work more in order to pander to my vices and then spend twice as much to cure them.

With all of this Kuminda fits in: a simple festival aiming to be a voice for one of the biggest problems in the world, whereas talking about the ways to fight an injustice on the light of common values is a remarkable step towards the building of Justice.

Avidity and hunger are two sides of the same coin in an Earth whose food is produced in abundance for all its creatures, and where a common need like eating meets (does science prove that an inhabitant of the south of the world needs less food to survive than one in the north does?), also the proof of our interdependency meets.

Up to the point when, by renouncing to one of the magic “take 10 buy 1“ of the new chocolate bars super-good and zero-calories, i won’t surely have given them to one of the billion hungered of the world, but i will have done a favor to myself, for once renouncing to an illusion and avoiding to welcome new needs made-up and sold at every corner.