NORTH AFRICA - the first summit of the 'smart cities'

The first International Summit of smart cities of North Africa started in the second week of June, in Ifrane (Morocco). The organizers - a young team, supported by national and international partners - aim to launch an annual event that brings together personalities from abroad  able to pass on their experience to influential local performers. In this first edition, in particular, many North Americans are participating. As stated on the website of the initiative, the purpose is to "contribute to social and economic development of the cities in the region, helping them to integrate 'smart' initiatives."


"We want to bring inspiration, experience and the necessary framework to ensure that Morocco and North Africa develop their own model of 'Smart Cities' ", said the director of the Summit, Kenza Kbabra. The topics  around which the program of this "exchange event and the sharing of the best proposals" are organized are four: information and communication technologies, sustainable development, creativity and innovation, and growth. Points that largely match with the criteria identified at the international level to measure the intelligence of a city: economy, environment, mobility, people, quality of life and government.