Italy - Women United for Food Security

"The central theme of Expo 2015 , 'Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life', evokes the role of women," said the deputy foreign minister, Marta Dassù in his opening speech for the "Women for Expo, Latin America" forum, which began on December 11 at the foreign ministry .

The goal of the event is to build a partnership of women for food security. For Dassù, this is the first time an Expo is not directed only at exhibiting something, as has happened thus far, but also at taking a "step forward" for nutrition in the world. In preparation for the Expo, the conference is divided into two panels: Food security and food safety. The first is intended as real access to food that the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon called  "part of human rights." "Agricultural production is greater than the demographic curve," said the Deputy Foreign Minister, "but the food is lost along the way. In Milan we will discuss related themes, such as waste, and access to credit and land for women." 


He continued, "They are the ones who have a great role as a major player in the agricultural sector of developing countries, but often do not have access to tools that allow them to set up businesses." The second panel, about food safety, is linked to food security and the quality of nutrition. At the time, related diseases have emerged for several reasons, from bad food preservation to its over-use.

In this regard, various systems have been adopted to use labels that indicate origin and risks of using certain products. "These systems, however, have an impact on international trade and economy," concluded Dassù. "We need to find new common standards."