GERMANY: Foodsharing, a brilliant project

Foodsharing is a project for sharing food that aims to fight the waste of food. The idea is simple: in the western world, especially the food in excess is thrown every day. By an act of civic consciousness, both public and private can simply highlight the willingness to offer food that would otherwise be unusable, on the internet.


Sample situation? A full refrigerator or pantry before a holiday, why not turn what would be un necessary in a resource for others? In Germany, as shown by Pif in an episode of The Witness the II°, foodsharing works brilliantly, earning the applause of the public as well as those of the beneficiaries of the initiative. Foodsharing companies in Germany have already brought new life to 30 thousand pounds of food.


Actually, the excess food becomes a resourc only if someone manages to exploit it because it is promoting an initiative that has only advantages.


 SOURCE: oblò.it