CHINA - Christmas, some workers help an orphanage

At Christmas some young Chinese who work in an Angolan laboratory have visited an orphanage bringing tasty foods as gifts to the threshold of the party.


Since 2011, Chinese workers have started visiting these orphans to help them repair the house, to renew the water pipes, to give them scholastic equipments, television and games. Children call them affectionately “Chinese uncles”. Some workers, who moved to another laboratory, still show  great availability by phoning the children.


The orphanage houses 90 children, from a few months to 19 years old. For lack of money, there are only three teachers, three cooks and four orderlies.


Maria, the president of the orphanage said that they would like to thank the Chinese comrades for the great help in the past, because they have not only brought food and emergency everyday objects, but also have warmed the hearts of the children.


In recent years, China and Angola have worked together a lot commercially and at the same time, Chinese companies have taken responsibility in the Angolan society. Many Chinese companies have built free schools, hospitals and orphanages for Angolans.


SOURCE:El popola Ĉinio