Lawyers Donate Time and Expertise to Help Women Fleeing Violence

The Tahirih Justice Center’s Pro Bono Attorney Network is an extensive network of pro bono attorneys from the nation’s top law firms who donate their time and expertise to provide representation in immigration law to the women and girls who seek Tahirih’s help in rejecting violence. As of today, this innovative Network includes more than 1,200 attorneys from approximately 200 law firms. Additionally, they have physicians, translators, psychologists, PR professionals and others who voluntarily provide critical services for clients and the organization. 


In regard to their network, last year the value of pro bono services donated to Tahirih and their clients reached $10.1 million, a 24% increase from the previous year and a historic record. 


Donated professional services are a vital resource for Tahirih and allow the Center to maximize the number of women and girls for whom they can provide high-quality legal representation. In fact, outside attorneys co-counsel with Tahirih staff attorneys on 60-75% of incoming cases. Many of the cases Tahirih handles are complex and often require a substantial investment of both time and financial resources. They would simply not be able to do all that they do without the valuable help of their pro bono partners.


In turn, when a pro bono attorney takes on one of Tahirih's cases, it also significantly impacts his or her work. Sean Arthurs, former Shearman & Sterling LLP Associate, recently expressed,

The Tahirih mission resonates with me. I have the opportunity to help someone who might never get access to justice if it were not for the work of Tahirih and pro bono legal teams. It is so powerful an incentive to do this work.