One unexpected Christmas present

It happened in the U.S., specifically in Iowa City, one of the city with the most severe winter climate of the States. A holy woman, after paying her water bill gave a large sum of money in order to cover the uncovered bills of 17 families in need. Thanks to this generous woman, these families are now able to continue using home water and heating. The author of this gesture asked to remain anonymous, and this highlights even more her nobility of spirit.

"I've never seen anything like this," Melissa Miller, the tax office employee, "Most of my colleagues have been working here much longer than me, but none of them has ever seen anything like that before. It was an extraordinary gesture: this lady really wanted to help those fellow citizens that are experiencing severe economic difficulties, and she help them in a concrete way"

Rick Fosse, the director of public works that has immediatly reactivated the 17 utilities, added: "What this lady did was wonderful" ... "and the timing was just perfect. These families are simply going back to have warm water in the coldest period of the year and specifically now, during the Christmas time."