BELGIUM – “hold on” coffee... let the news run

Here is what a user says on facebook about his experience in a bar in Belgium:


" I went with a friend to a little bar in Belgium and we ordered. As we walked towards our table, two gentlemen came and approached the counter. "Coffee, please, 5, 2 for us and 3 'hold on', They drank their two coffees and went away. "What does hold on coffee mean? I asked my friend, and he said: " Wait and you’ll see. "Some other people joined, they took their coffee and went away. The next order was made by 3 lawyers, 3 for them and 4 'hold on'. While I was still thinking about what it meant, the lawyers paid and left. A moment later, an elderly gentleman , with old clothes entered the bar, he looked like a homeless person, he approaches the counter and asks eagerly "Is there a hold on coffee? "The barman prepares the coffee and offers it to him.


In many parts of southern Italy, such as Naples, this custom exists, but it is the first time that it is used specifically as a nice gesture towards the homeless; people pay coffee in advance for those who cannot afford a hot drink.


So here is the invitation at the end of the news: "Let this great idea be published around the world, it would be great if it became reality."


So let the news run!