NEW YORK - The Driver of the Deaf
The protagonist of this good news is a bus driver named Edwin Cora from New York. About 5 years ago, Edwin was on duty in Queens, on the Q20 line, when a deaf gentleman appeared in urgent need of directions. Unfortunately no one on the bus was able to help him: "I did sit down and I managed to calm him down," said Edwin. "No one was able to understand what he was saying. I tried to do my best".

A week later, a similar scene was repeated in the Bronx, on the Q44 line, and again Edwin was unable to help. This caused a sense of frustration and helplessness, so, at age 55 he decided to learn sign language, simply to be able to communicate, and thus also to help deaf passengers.

"Deaf people are always a bit surprised to see a driver who knows sign language, even if not perfectly," said Edwin. "I'm excited. They become euphoric and the other passengers looking at us amazed."
"You really have no idea what that means, for a deaf person to find someone with whom to communicate," explained Alex Rozentsvit to the local press, a student who has become a friend of Edwin's. "The wall collapses immediately. When I get on the bus and began to communicate with him, it was fantastic. He understands my deafness and deaf culture. He's a great friend."