ITALY - An Act of Generosity that Warms an Entire Family

During the Christmas holidays, Maria Angela Bertoli, president of the Center for Aid to Life in San Polino (Brescia), wrote a letter to the newspaper "Giornale di Brescia " telling of a struggling family with three small children who live in a house that will soon be auctioned.

Due to the rupture of the boiler though, little family would have to stay in the cold until January 8, when a replacement dwelling would be ready.

But generosity did not have to wait long. Just after Christmas, thanks to Mary's letter entitled "Too many children are still living in the cold," and published the same day in the Giornale di Brescia, a benefactor who wished to remain anonymous made available the amount required to repair the boiler (€ 700), allowing the family to warm up.

Then, during the first days of the new year, Maria Angela was able to publish the happy ending of this inspiring story:

"How beautiful the kind of generosity that wants nothing in return, that doesn't need to appear or be named, but that, in silence, does great things. Thanks to this anonymous benefactor (be certain that our gratitude knows no bounds). His gesture ... teaches a lot of people what it means to really help."


If the Giornale di Brescia, whom I thank very much, had not promptly published my letter today, I could not  have told that you this fairy tale Christmas became a reality. I hope ... that in this world of negative values, we remember ​​the goodness of this anonymous servant to rejoice not only for those who can finally take a hot shower, but also for a whole family who, thanks to his gesture, will always remember this Christmas."