CAPE TOWN - The Secret Gardener

The protagonist of this story is Lea, she is 23 years old and is extraordinarily enthusiasm! People call me crazy and weird, but it's nice, I like it. Everybody is a bit 'weird or crazy …'. Lea explains her motives: Plant trees because people need green around them…people cannot live in neighborhoods of cement and tar, they need something natural because we are ourselves part of the nature.

So her mission is no longer a secret ... : at night she furtively goes around with her friends in the districts of the city, they choose a spot particularly lacking in nature and in a very short time there is a tree planted: I want to that you face only at night so that it can appear the next morning so that when someone sees the next day would say " wow" .

Sometimes we need a little ' spirituality ... just to make people think in a different way and when he sees these trees can smile and think , "You know this is really cute " or something like that ;


Sometimes Lea also leaves a message: leave a note saying " love with your gardener secret! " sometimes even " innaffiami or love me ."


In short, that is, Lea is sure to madcap , but a madness really healthy and hopefully contagious!



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