MARYLAND - Batman in Santa's Shoes?

Christmas is coming and maybe Santa Claus, who is now very old, needs a hand to deliver all his gifts to thousands of children around the world! Who better than a super hero for this incredible task? SEEM LIKE AN ABSURD IDEA? Well, maybe you do not know that for a few years, a man dressed in a black costume in a black Lamborghini has wandered the streets of Maryland in a car full of gifts.


Imagine the amazement of the traffic police when Batman himself gets out of the car! But as always, behind the mask of the great hero hides a great person and the mystery has now been revealed. It is L.R., a wealthy businessman who regularly dresses up as a superhero to bring gifts to children with cancer.


He is now well-known and loved, and his videos are making the rounds on the web. His car without a license plate had been stopped by the police for this inthe past, but now is no longer chased, but rather, escorted. The money he spends each year, about $ 25,000, is more than enough to pay any fine.


"Perhaps , on the occasion of Christmas, the Spiderman costume would be more in season, but in fact, dear Santa Claus, you can really get some help from this guy!"