GOOD DEEDS COMING SOON - Raknominate , the good brother of Neknominate

Raknomination, Random Act of Kindness, the answer is recently drawn from the youth to the trend of neknomination. No alcohol with Raknomination, but only good deeds.


The trend of young people appoint themselves through the video, but if they play this game they have to do with good deeds. A few days after the first war bulletins related to the fashion of Neknominate, a clear and loud reply comes through from the very world in which the foolish and empty exhibitionism has claimed so many victims. It's called Raknominate, and is a mechanism through which young people are appointed to each other and film themselves while they perform good deeds: it is in fact a race of solidarity and generosity towards the poorest and most vulnerable members of society.


- Unfortunately, the guys often think that the aim of acquiring popularity can only be achieved through bravado and dangerous actions. Thus was born Neknominate, a kind of drinking game, where everyone is shooting for then Move through the network while drinking in the most absurd ways, liters of alcohol, super mash sballanti, and then, once you reach the confusion, you do something absurd, like a swim across a frozen stream (it cost the life of the protagonist of the video), or a ride on a skateboard on a highway with cars whizzing left and right. Several have been the victims of this absurd game .


- Fortunately, young people also found a viable alternative to this barbaric method to circulate their own face on the network. Thus was born Raknominate - random act of kindness, an initiative based on the same mechanism : a network-shared video of his protagonist struggling, though, with good deeds. How it works: anyone can get taped while helping a homeless man, or any person in difficulty, challenging then some friend to be even more generous. The Facebook page of the Raknomination has reached nearly 15,000 followers in a few days.


- Among the videos that storm the network there are many areas where guys go to the supermarket to do shopping for some bum. And after buying up the food, someone comes home and cooks it well and then offesr it to the homeless abiding in the sidewalk near the house. Someone else, considering the freezing winter temperatures, offers a hot drink with a sandwich, someone also adds jacket, hat and gloves, and put everything in the bag and brings his gifts to another tramp. On the Facebook page a guy promises to donate a dollar for every ' like ' obtained from the video posted, a prize intended for a family to fight the fight against cancer. A youth , however, captured by the wave of positive Charitable ago booty of books and magazines for children in the library and brings everything to the hospital where little patients hospitalized.