10,000 Plates for Solidarity

The initiative launched by Cefa (European Committee for Education and Agriculture), was created to raise awareness about the hunger problem in the world on the occasion of INTERNATIONAL FOOD DAY October 16th. Up until the 16th bakeries in Bologna will be selling "solidarity bread" to help the CEFA project in one of the poorest nations in the world, South Sudan. Also one of the youngest nations in the world, South Sudan, born in 2011, had seen 50 years of civil war that caused about 4 million deaths and conditions of great misery.


It's not the first time that CEFA had proposed this same initiative. In 2011 it launched the "And where are you?" campaign. The theme of the 2011 design was a blue tractor symbolizing victory against malnutrition in South Sudan. The dishes donated by the food distribution company were put in place by 500 volunteers and initially they were all turned over on the white part, creating an image of ten thousand empty white plates. At noon, lunch hour, the plates turned upside down showing the tractor design.


Again at WORLD FOOD DAY 2010, Action Against Hunger staged a similar event under the Eiffel Tower, where ten thousand empty white plates were placed over long black stripes to symbolize the ten thousand children a day in the world that have no food and die from malnutrition. This was an initiative which at the time had been undertaken in 27 cities to remember the thousands of hungry people in the world today that number around 850 million.


In the foto: The work of dishes (drawing made by "Dishes Pixel Art")

(photo Gabriele Fiolo / Eikon study ) ( Eikon )