ITALY - homeless to work in municipal libraries

Subtract the homeless life on the streets and give them a job helping in the social reintegration , the project described here this morning by the mayor of Rome Ignazio Marino visiting the day care center " Track 95 " Via Marsala , Termini station.


" For these people, there are only maybe not the day care centers, but also serves to commit their time employment . For example, we are trying to reorganize the best network of libraries in Rome , and every year we lose 10 to retirement -15 % of the staff . "


Hence the idea of giving employment to the homeless : "We could develop a project together with councilors and Cutini boat to see if some of the people assisted in the centers at night, during the day can be used and lend a hand in our libraries . This would give a good opportunity and dignity to those who are not busy, with the possibility of spending time in a productive way . "


A proposal immediately married the Councillor for Social Policies , Rita Cutini , also present at the visit : "There are so many places, such as libraries , but not limited to where we need people to be employed in various roles. 's Why it is important to work on social inclusion projects to unite the city's needs with those of the people. "


As for the housing crisis , the mayor pointed out that the City " is by surveying all of its real estate assets ." Part of these accommodations , announced Marino , may be used as " social housing , which can solve the problems of many people homeless and in need of our city ." In addition , the City is working to unlock a project retainer for two years and that will lead to Rome 200 more beds to house the homeless . "