LIBERIA - The Daily Street Newspaper

We are in Liberia, a poor country, in which only a few have the opportunity to buy a newspaper or obtain information via TV or internet. But the journalist Alfred J. Sirleaf is convinced that "only an informed populace can build a civic consciousness and develop the nation." So here's the big idea: a daily 'paper' written with chalk on a blackboard placed in a crucial point in the capital.


The 'Talk Daily,' the name of this blackboard paper, was born thirteen years ago, although the recent fame came from an article published in the magazine 'Africa.'


The 'Talk' gives the daily news of every kind and Alfred, the only editor, gets help from young volunteer reporters. He writes the news everyday with his chalk and explains that "It's not the economic means available that determine the quality of a newspaper. What matters is the passion , curiosity and courage of who writes it."