COLOMBIA - a military circus to promote peace

At Tibirita, fire-eaters, clowns and trapeze artists, a seductive show as in the best circus traditions. But these acrobats have little in common with the circus artists. They are, in fact, the Colombian army soldiers who - at the height of the peace process between the government and the rebels of the FARC - have chosen this unique art forms to promote peace and the activities of the army.


"I would say that the circus is a very important tool - explains the director, Major Sergeant Francisco Yela – it allows us to talk directly with the people and to promote peace and tranquility of the area" "Normally, soldiers do anything but this- adds soldier Garcia, who plays the role of the clown Sancocho - they patrol the mountains and shoot. When the audience comes to see the show, they become eager to know us, and the children become attached, they want to play with us, and they greet us on the street, that’s wonderful."


Thus the "Columbia Circus" put on a show in the city of Tibirita. That’s the symbol of the guerrilla because it is the birthplace of Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha, one of the most famous Colombian 90s narcos.


"This initiative of the army is undoubtedly deserving - said a young spectator – every action done for the rural population, which is the most vulnerable to the powers of the narcos and the rebels, is always welcome".


The initiative was launched for the first time in the 90s but today it is giving a big hand to lift the image of the Columbian army, shaken from several episodes of scandal and corruption.