IRAN - Islam is not only for enforcement but to dialogue with other religions and modernity

An Islam that he studied with attention the other religions , which has contact with universities in the world , compared with the history , philosophy , the sciences of modernity is the amazing news that can be found in some parts of Iran, in particular Qom , the holy city , where are concentrated the best theological schools of Shiism .

In the holy city of Qom , in addition to the shrine of the eighth Imam sister , there are at least 50 theological schools attended by tens of thousands of students, seminarians and lay people , and not Iranian . All schools have stocked libraries where we study and translate works of scientific, historical , philosophical , psychological , and other religions . The example of the University of religions and denominations ( Urd ) .


The information that comes to us from the Middle East is often full of anti-Christian violence and persecution against religion , against atheists or dislike the secular world , so as to conclude that Islam is totally closed to any discussion and position defense towards modernity.

What a joy , however, in visiting some theological schools and universities in Iran in which you read the texts of other religions, is studied in a scientific manner the history , philosophies and theologies are struggling modern mathematical sciences and the human ones such as sociology and psychology.


The city of Qom , which looked from the outside looks a little Mecca , home to over one million inhabitants and more than 50 thousand students , seminarians between Shiites and non- secular and religious Everything revolves around the shrine - mosque with the golden dome , which contains the remains of Mesume Fatima , the sister of imam Reza, the eighth imam of Shiism duodecimane . With its approximately 50 theological schools or universities is an example of openness and dialogue ; each of these schools have classrooms and libraries stocked with books in all languages ​​on all types of science and religion.


Among the various schools particularly significant the University of religions and denominations ( University of religions and denominations , Urd ), located just outside of Qom ; started as a research center 15 years ago, today the university, whose chancellor is il'hojatoleslam Navab , has about 2 thousand students , most Iranians. Each student must have a good level of English to participate in the courses. With them it is possible to graduate in theology and Islamic denominations , but also in Christianity , Hinduism, Buddhism . There are also lessons of Judaism , taught by Jewish professors .

The Urd has joint programs and student exchanges with universities in the world : Paderborn , Frankfurt, Potsdam , Sorbonne (Paris), Gregorian University (Rome) , Mumbai ...


The team of teachers has also specialized in translating many works of other religions. " To learn about other religions - says the scholar - we need to study the basic texts of religions to the sources, translating them into Persian . So far we have published at least 200 books, including 50 volumes of Christian sources ."


This is the philosophy of the university , many of the conflicts between religions depend on the fact that we do not know each other . If we want to live in peace and co-exist , we must know each other.