ITALY - The Little Naples Archimedes.

Son of ordinary people who make sacrifices to offer him the appropriate tools to achieve his full potential , Francis Porreca is only fifteen and he is a student of the ' Istituto Tecnico Industriale ' Giordani - Striano ' of Naples. Starting from the idea of creating a robot with artificial intelligence - " I’ll set up a neural system ," he says - he starts by designing the first finger of the mechanic robot by using a printer named ' RepRap ' , a very sophisticated and expensive device - the purposes is to go beyond the imagination. The same gimmick ' RepRap ', has been used to reproduce liver and artificial bones and a child is living thanks to a trachea printed with this system.


The incredible news, however, is to know that Francis was able to build this facility, at home on his own. His father, passionate about mechanics, helped him out with the design. But the 15 year old genius is able to turn a computer card called ' Arduino ' into a device capable of producing objects out of thin PLA, a biodegradable substance derived from corn. It took three months of work after school to transform the material into a finished work. Practically, Francesco could produce an item that on the market costs several thousands of Euros, spending only about 300 euros.


 His activity as an inventor starts when he is 11 and he builds a system of psychedelic lights and a combination lock. "In 2014 I'd like to participate in “Maker Faire" (an annual overview of the genes of robotics, this year held in Rome). In Naples, Francesco does not have great possibility to express his talent, laboratories equipped with the right tools are few, while institutions are every day launching appeals to avoid a brain drain from the country especially from the South, we hope it is not also Francesco’s destiny.