Startup Bus - the Bus of Ideas

StartupBus Europe 2013, the 3rd annual European competition, takes place from October 27th-30th, with buses from 6 countries around the continent converging in Vienna at the Pioneer’s Festival for an epic 150-person competition.


It is an annual competition, now in its fifth year, where Europes top tech communities compete against each other to launch a new technology business on the way to Vienna.


After the competition ends, ‘buspreneurs’ rush back to their home towns. Using their new skills and network they build the next generation of technology companies and startup communities.


The goal is not just to put on the most amazing startup competition / hackathon / road trip ever, it is to grow the largest network of tested entrepreneurial talent on the planet. Interested in working with them and helping to reach that goal? View sponsor opportunitiesapply for a bus or contact us for more information.