For the First Time, a Human-made Object Travels Beyond Our Solar System

Voyager 107-10-2013

In 1977 NASA launched two spacecraft named Voyager 1 & 2. Now, 43 years later, there is strong evidence that Voyager 1 has left our solar system, making it the first human-made object in history to accomplish this feat...


Kepler-16: the "new" planet revolving around two stars

Kepler-16: the "new" planet revolving around two stars07-10-2013

Nasa. Discovered by the space scope Kepler and baptized with the same name, a “new” planet peeps out 200 light years from the Earth. Kepler-16 is the first planet to be directly observed revolving around two stars (circumbinary planet). 


Today 151 years ago

Today 151 years ago07-10-2013

What if we never met it...


Do oceans come from the space?

Do oceans come from the space?07-10-2013

ESA Herschel infrared space observatory found water in a comet star with almost the same composition of the ocean on the Earth. The discovery makes us think that once upon a time oceans might have been a gigantic iceberg, floating through space. The origin of water is very much debated. Our planet was formed at such high temperatures that all original water must have evaporated. Nevertheless, today two thirds of the surface are covered by water, and this must have come from space, after the Earth grew cold.