Green Energy

EU - produces first solar kerosene in the world

EU - produces first solar kerosene in the world12-05-2014

A research project funded by the EU, SOLAR - JET, has created the first "solar" jet fuel in the world, a renewable fuel made from water and carbon dioxide ...


Morocco - "solar" mosques

Morocco - "solar" mosques18-04-2014

The Minister for Islamic Affairs Ahmed Taoufiq of Morocco has announced the signature of an agreement with the ministry of Environment and Energ...


London - Homes Heated by the Tube

London's bitter winters have led to the creation of something truly ingenious...


AFRICA - World's Largest Wind Farm Inaugurated

Authorities in Addis Ababa have announced the completion of the largest wind farm in Africa... 


New Dehli - Ecologic Wheel

New Dehli - Ecologic Wheel07-10-2013

New Dehli, India. In the most polluted metropolis of the world an ecologic wheel functioning as an oxygen lung: this is the LO2P project, winner of the Skycraper Competition 2011. The French team Atelier CMJN conceived this giant wheel that spins around itself thanks to a wind turbine-0 emission. Much similar to the panoramic wheels, it will be filled of plants ready to absorb the carbon dioxide and transform it to biofuel.