A pinch of positivity

Who never felt under the weather, nerveless and not motivated? Who never experienced to get up in the morning with no will to go to work, school or university?

Everyone of us wasted time to complain about how few fulfilling our work was, about how useless it seemed the time we spent to study. But complaining generates only other complaints, and it rarely brings to real solutions.

How do we get out this negative spiral?

Sometimes simple actions are the best solutions.

This is the deeper message of Positivity, the fourth track of the same name album of 1993, by the English acid jazz band Incognito.



Incognito - Positivity


When we are focused on what’s wrong, we are confused, devoid of intuition, and we often feel alone. Until we feel that impetus, we hear that «voice from the heart» that tells us where to go.

To hear it, sometimes, doesn’t take much: listen to a good record, have a walk outside, have a little talk with a friend, help somebody, spend the time positively.

A little action to find again the courage to take that long-postponed step forward.

And, just to be clear, Incognito lay under this declaration of positivity a very appropriate musical carpet. A chasing rhythm that makes you move, and a bright atmosphere that puts immediately a smile on your face, sided by other thirteen tracks of excellent quality.

Formed in 1979 and leaded by Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick, Incognito gave birth, with Positivity, to their best appreciated album. Musically varying, but not messy, the record involve all the skills of the band’s components, succeeding to create a light and enjoyable atmosphere, without sacrificing quality.

An outstanding album, that should be listened in the morning, to add a pinch of positivity to our day.