introduction to Lost Notes - by FRANCESCO ROVITO

Music is made of sounds.  Bass sounds, acute sounds, high sounds, low sounds.

Music is made of pauses. Silence.

Music is made of words. Words written intentionally for music, words later accommodated, words inspired by music.

Music is made of devices. The black lacquer of a vinyl, the magnetic tape of a cassette, the lucid glare of a CD, the binary flow of a file.

Music is made of people. Composers, musicians, authors, listeners, promoters, editors.

But, above all, music has a great power.

Lost Notes seeks to find that song released some months ago, as well as the great classic that deserves to be listened to once again. It searches for those words that seem so similar from one song to another, although they are so different. It is in quest of those people with whom it is worth chatting a bit to better understand how music works.

Because if it is true that music has a great power, it is better to use it for something constructive.