We are friends - there is strength in numbers

Why to be content of one record label when you could have six in one fell swoop? There is no reason, especially if all the six crank out good quality music.

If then, there are bond of cooperation, esteem and friendship among those who work in thos labels, working together becomes something natural.



Friendship is indeed the spirit behind We Are Frineds, first of a series of compilations that unites six indie labels: Germans Hiperbole Records, Légère Recordings  and Agogo Records, the American Wonderwheel Recordings, the Spanish Lovemonk  and the British Jalapeno Records.


«We are friends, we respect the work of each other and we like the music each one of us produce, so we’re giving you a foretaste».


And the foretaste is incredibly good!


Through unreleased tracks and exclusive remixes, We Are Friends takes us to discover the catalogue of the six labels, where English, French and Spanish lyrics alternate on jazz, funk and soul rhythms, without denying a bit of reggae here and there.


To add flavour to the foretaste, we have to stress out that the compilation is available for free download on Bandcamp, and this is a true delight for us.


If this is the first chapter, I’m looking forward to hear the rest…