Lost Notes

Colin Stetson – To See More Light

Colin Stetson  –  To See More Light12-06-2014

Each record is about something specific but is also a study of balance between two things. So this one deals with death and love and the intrinsic relationship with one another, that they glean meaning from the presence of one another in our lives...


What’s Going On

What’s Going On01-05-2014

Released in 1971 for Tamla Records, subsidiary of the Detroit historic label Motown Records, What’s Going On is probably the most known and appreciated record by Marvin Gaye...


We are friends - there is strength in numbers

We are friends - there is strength in numbers04-04-2014

Why to be content of one record label when you could have six in one fell swoop? There is no reason, especially if all the six crank out good quality music.

If then, there are bond of cooperation, esteem and friendship among those who work in thos labels, working together becomes something natural...


A pinch of positivity

A pinch of positivity01-03-2014

Who never felt under the weather, nerveless and not motivated? Who never experienced to get up in the morning with no will to go to work, school or university?

Everyone of us wasted time to complain about how few fulfilling our work was, about how useless it seemed the time we spent to study. But complaining generates only other complaints, and it rarely brings to real solutions...


Music "for parents"

Music "for parents"01-02-2014

We all have parents. Everyone of us have a father and a mother. We love them and they love us...