Lost Notes

The vinyl artisan

The vinyl artisan03-01-2014

Let’s try to imagine the history of music without records. It’s difficult. It’s like trying to imagine the history of painting without brushes or the history of cooking without pots.


Fortunately records exist, and music exists.


I met Cristian for the first time a couple of years ago, when I interviewed him for the first time. In that occasion he showed me his work and we talked about music: the digital music, the vinyls, the DJs, the difference between listening and hearing.


During these two years we had the chance to get together more than once, and some days ago we met again to talk about music and records, events and record labels.


He is Cristian Adamo, the vinyl artisan.


Smoke - Routes

Smoke - Routes02-12-2013

Routes already contained in the title all its meaning...is a record that intersects the routes of many stories...It is a record that reflects on universal values and on harmony among all the living creatures...


John Coltrane – A Love Supreme

John Coltrane – A Love Supreme01-11-2013

...if He (GOD)helped him to get drug free, he would try his best to make people happy through his music...


introduction to Lost Notes - by FRANCESCO ROVITO

introduction to Lost Notes - by FRANCESCO ROVITO01-11-2013

Music is made of sounds.  Bass sounds, acute sounds, high sounds, low sounds...