Francesco Rovito

Francesco Rovito

I was born in 1989 near Bologna, but I grew up near Rimini.

After getting the secondary education certificate with scientific orientation in 2008, I moved to Bologna to attend university.

In 2011 I graduated in Drama, Art and Music Studies, with a dissertation on the posses and Italian rap in the ‘90s.

I’m now finishing my university studies in Music Disciplines with a dissertation on the role of arts in the Ruhi Institute courses.

Recently I did a training with Original Cultures (, collaborating to the first step of the project Road to Essaouira.

Rap music and hip hop culture fan, I collaborated with the on-line magazine RoutesMag in its short life, and you can often find me under the stage during the many rap gigs that animate Bologna’s nights.

Andrea Magnani

I graduated in Philosophy and Psychology Clinic.

I obtained my Masters in Psychology Analog, in neurolinguistic programming(NLP-Comprehensive, USA) and Strategic Problem Solving (CTS Arezzo).
Specialist with top experts worldwide on the topics Effective Communication,Hypnosis and Strategic Communication: S. Andreas, C.Faulkner, D.Gordon,P.Watzlawich. I am Project Manager and Scientific Director of the Academy andemotional intelligence since 1994 I work as a training and consulting for companies and organizations in Italy and abroad through the development of personalized interventions.
With my company, BE Training, I work as a coaching, training and development of networks for companies and organizations in Italy and abroad. I work to createeducational tools aimed at the development of umane.Collaboro with companies such as Ducati, Wella, Robintur, Wall Street Institute, Allianz Bank and UnimediaGroup SPA as a training manager.

I am the author of books for education Emotional Intelligence:
   "The Art of Growing";
   "Teaching children the rules."
They are also co-authored the following books:
   'Personal Learning', the learning method;
   'In-Win: manual of self-defense by the manipulators';
   'The coaching interventions tailored to awaken and elevate the excellence in the bank'.

Cecilia Mariotto

Tata Chiara

Maria Gloria Campi