Ever thought that learning science could actually be fun?

With some 79,089,295 lessons already delivered, the Khan Academy is the largest online resource of non-didactic learning. The project is meant to engage in an open-minded, easy-speaking warehouse of lessons on anything human knowledge can contain. As a non-profit organization, the e-Academy is available, completely free of charge, to any single brain on this Earth: no matter the age, no matter the cultural background, no matter the level of instruction. The project is led by a team of 5 young entrepreneurs, whose  aim is to provide “a free world-class education to anyone anywhere.” The website won the annual Google 10 to the 100 Award in 2009. “Too many people around the globe don’t have access to good education materials, or they are forced to learn through a system that doesn't properly cater to their individual needs.”, is the introduction the project makes of itself: “We think the technology exists today to fundamentally change this, and we're trying to build the tools and resources every student deserves.”

What makes everything even more interesting is that the content was made to be “digestible” in 10-20 minute videos and exercises. Everyone has his own “case history” of progresses, and can learn with no risk of getting bored. Is all about trying to understand the universe. “The conversational style of the videos is the tonal antithesis of what people traditionally associate with math and science instruction.”

The focus is now on sciences, specifically mathematics, physics, and chemistry. But soon, the team promises, the website will gradually try to cover all the subjects of human knowledge.

With creativity, step by step.