The "Enchanted" House

The protagonist of this story is Maria Ponce, a 78-year old woman who lives in El Salvador in a house built entirely out of recycled materials and plastic bottles. The home of Mrs. Ponce is now visited by those curious and passionate about the art of recycling.


She was left without a home in 2001 when the country was hit by several earthquakes, losing everything. She had to build some kind of shelter, and plastic bottles became the raw material for her new refuge of just 10 square meters. To keep the structure together, Ponce used sticks of bamboo, and thus made the walls androof. The walls were also decorated by patiently painting the individual bottles one by one."


Made in the poorest part of town, the "Enchanted" House, as Mrs. Ponce calls it, has become a symbol of beauty and commitment , which looks to the rest of the world with greater optimism and with renewed hope for the future. "It took me a month and a half to find the materials for the house, and then I had to collect the bottles. The construction of the house took three months, every day from dawn until dusk. I worked alone, but I'm proud because I didn't have a house, but today I do and I admire her."